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Confucius said that life is simple but we insist on making it complicated.   I am about to head back to Italy next week and I’ve vowed that I am absolutely, positively NOT going to overpack this time!  I’ve made a master list.  Travel experts advise that I cut my list in half.  These so-called “experts” claim that one can travel across the European continent with only two pair of pants, one sweater, two tee shirts and a Swiss Army knife?

Traveling Light is For Backpackers and Beach Bums

I’ll have you know I am no stranger to the minimalist philosophy.  A few years ago I moved into a charming but tiny apartment near San Francisco with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath, den, office and walk-in closet all rolled-into-one.  It’s compact, efficient and very cozy: 300 square feet of heaven!  Living in a studio apartment is very much like living on a boat except that the room doesn’t rock during storms.  The view is spectacular, I can clean it from top to bottom in 45 minutes flat, and living this way keeps me feeling unencumbered, carefree and liberated.

In preparing for my journey I’ve piled everything I’d like to take with me on the dining table (better known these days as “the staging area”).  My things are separated into three categories: 1) Yes, definitely taking, 2) Maybe taking, and 3) Taking, if I have the room.   As someone who preaches the virtues of living beneath your means and with only the bare necessities, why do I have so many shoes?  I am seriously packing-challenged.  I think I need an intervention!

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by Toni DeBella


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