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…Where the joyful sonatas of “Auguri” replace “Buongiorno” just for the season…and the sparkling, twinkling, snowy-white lights bring elegance to streets and alleyways.  Christmas markets and ice rinks erupt everywhere…Presepio and Ceppo reflect the perennial traditions of the old and yawning, sleepy children at Midnight Mass remind us of the new.  Holiday salutations begin with Prosecco and end the night with Grappaand it is never, ever too cold for gelato!  Panettone and Amaretti dunked into your cappuccino means it’s Christmas morning and…Babbo Natale “is coming to town” but in eleven days, La Befana is bringing the “stash”!

Buone Feste (Happy Holidays) to you and yours!

Peace in the New Year.

by Toni DeBella


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