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photo 2Yeah, I know, I’ve been in a lot of film and video lately. Fifty-six years of relative obscurity and then, all of sudden, a rash of media exposure.

House Hunters International came calling in January to film this segment shortly after my move to Italy.  The episode airs this Tuesday, July 9 at 10:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on HGTV.  


The best moments filming the show …

Appearing with my son, Andrew Todd.

Working with the fabulous U.K. crew: Director Ben, Cameraman Gordon and Soundman Martin.

…and the wrap party that followed.

The Irony….

I can’t watch it from Europe.

What I hope for…

 Good editing. 

Sincere and special thanks to… 

The City of Orvieto, Italy

Mayor Toni Concina & Riccardo Caracciolo Di Forino

David Tordi and The Bartenders 

Textile Conservator, Igor Honkanen

Painters, Massimo Chioccia & Olga Tsarkova

Marbled paper artist, Lamberto Bernardini

Bar Clandestino

Steve Brenner, Linda Martinez, Giulia, Paloma, Viola & Goji Martinez-Brenner

Daniela Tordi, Darya Tordi & Federica Romagnoli

Giulia Donato & Nick Magliulo

Consular General, Italian Consulate of San Francisco & Jeffrey Capaccio, Esq.

Biordi Imports, San Francisco

Ristorante Ideale, San Francisco

Manuela Calvet, Maya & Anais Bette

 Marisa Huber, Carol Carol Solfanelli, Suzee and Volker Ackermann & Dionne Garcia

by Toni DeBella

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