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Dictionary.com defines writer’s block as follows:

“a usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.”


Now that I have a diagnosis and understand the symptoms, I’m ready to find a cure.

This paralyzing syndrome, I’ve discovered, is quite common among those who write on a regular basis. There are different schools of thought on what brings about writer’s block in the first place – the most common seems to be that writer’s block is a vicious cycle generated from a fear that your work might not be good enough, followed by anxiety, which in turn stops the flow. It could be caused by a lack of inspiration or maybe you don’t have enough interesting material to write about.

Whatever the cause, writer’s block steps on your creativity hose, preventing ideas and coherent thoughts from making it onto the page. An acute ailment, this disorder must be eradicated before it becomes a chronic condition. If you’re determined to snuff out this insidious and confidence-blowing virus once and for all, here are some suggestions from writers who’ve had “the block” and overcame it:

#1: Take a break. Walk away from the project and do something fun.

#2: Sit down and type ten of the worst pages you’ve ever  written.

#3: Turn off your computer screen and write as fast as you can. Edit later.

#4: Give your ideas time to form and try writing about a variety of different things.

#5: Seek therapy.

#6: Make a schedule and stick to it. Write everyday.

#7: Eat chocolate and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

#8: Have a change of scenery.

#9: Be authentic in your writing: if it’s not working it may be a “lie”. 

#10: Go to Italy immediately for inspiration!

Thanks to fellow expat writers Debbie Oakes, Barbara Zaragoza, Giuliana Sica, Rhonda Walker, Mark Leslie and Lisa Chiodo for their contributions to this post – I couldn’t have done it without you.  “Write on”!

by Toni DeBella

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