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I write about Italy because…

…the country of Italy is jam-packed with hundreds upon hundreds of small, intimate and profound stories.  Material and subjects fall into my lap – I don’t even have to look for them, they just appear at my doorstep.  What can I do? They are screaming to be written about…and I am a “wannabe” travel writer.

…”old” is interesting to me and so is “different”.

…I am uncontrollably compelled to chronicle my experiences and spew forth my points of view about what I love (and sometimes hate) about this country.  It’s a complicated relationship we have, Italy and me, and I need to talk about it.

…I am just arrogant and self-absorbed enough to believe that everyone within earshot or sitting at a computer wants to hear or read what I have to say.  I am the self-appointed, unofficial Ambassador of Orvieto, Umbria, and all parts in between and beyond.  I’ll write about Italy if I think you’ll read it.

I write about Italy because I can.


by Toni DeBella

Italy Roundtable’s One-Year Anniversary Invitation to Bloggers:

 “As we’re preparing for our one-year anniversary of the formation of the Italy Roundtable, we’d like you to pull up a chair (so to speak)! We invite you to choose one of the topics we’ve blogged about in the past year and write a post about it. We’ll highlight some of our favorites in our own Roundtable posts next month.” 

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