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As some of you may know, during the entire month of July, I created a Facebook Project called, “31 Days of Orvieto”.  About half-way through the month, however, I suddenly realized that many of Orvieto or Bust’s followers aren’t on Facebook (or haven’t ‘friended’ me YET – hint, hint). In order to rectify the situation, I’ve decided to repeat the project here during the month of August. If you’ve already seen the posts on Facebook, I want to apoligize in advance for the duplication. For those who are seeing “31 Days” for the first time, I hope you’ll enjoy them at least half as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!  

And here we go again…

It’s DAY 1 of “31 Days of Orvieto”! I have a theory that if people knew about Orvieto and it’s splendors, they would certainly come to visit us. Tourism is down in our little town, so I’ve decided to start a campaign to spread the word about Orvieto’s greatness. You know me – I’m all about promoting my adopted home – so every day in the month of August, I will post an article, a photo, a story, a tid-bit about this wonderful place. If you love Orvieto and/or would like to support my efforts, please take a moment to read, and if you are so inclined, share the posts and, in doing so, help me create an “Orvieto buzz”. Go, Orvieto, Go!!!!

I begin with my 2011 homage to this place that I love so much…Orvieto, Italy: A Land Where Time Stands Still.

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