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Rupe and clouds

I can’t believe it’s been 31 days already! Time flies when you’re having fun! What a wonderful experience it’s been to sit down everyday and write about the people, places and things that make this city so special and unique. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who inspired, participated or supported me in sharing a little bit of Orvieto with the world, day-by-day. In 2013, I wrote an article for BrowsingItaly entitled, “Insiders Guide to Orvieto”, and I thought it might be a good way to wrap things up. Remember, August may be over, but you know me….I’ll never, ever stop shouting it from the terracotta rooftops…Orvieto, Italy Rocks! Like! Share! Visit!



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by Marino Moretti

…but of the beautiful kind! Did you know that the “Green Rooster of Orvieto”, created in the 13th-century, is one of the oldest Majolica ceramics (Italian tin-glazed pottery) dinnerware designs in Italy? Some of my favorite local pottery-masters include L’arpia CeramicheCeramiche Fusari and Ceramiche Giacomini. Oh, I haven’t forgotten famed artist Marino Moretti. On the lighter side – La Brocca di Gallo is the wine/water pitcher everyone needs for their table!

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