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Lamberto Bernardini’s 15th-century papermaking studio is where you can see carta marmorizzata (marbled paper) being made by hand. “Floating paper” has been traced back to Japan 835 C.E., but it really developed as a true art form in Persia and Ottoman Turkey, eventually finding its way to Europe, where it remains an important decorative craft today. Back in 2012 Steven Brenner of Cross-Pollinate & The-Beehive and I made a film about Lamberto in his Orvieto workshop, where you can also take a small group or private class to learn how to make marbled paper yourself! Check it out and then…Like! Share! Visit! 



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Last week Steve Brenner and I premiered our video “The Food Police: The Rick Steves Episode”.  We had such a blast shooting it in Rome and we are so grateful to Rick and his staff for generously promoting it on Facebook and Rick Steves Europe.  

Rick Steves shoot

On the first day 128,000 people viewed our film and 350 posted comments. I tweeted Anthony Bourdain and began stalking George Clooney’s publicist.  It was sort of surreal.

By the second day the views had fallen-off a bit. They dropped even more by day three. I guess people moved on to watch a YouTube video of Korean pop star PSY.

I think that may have been our fifteen minutes of fame.

Me and Andrea

See Episodes I, II & III here:

Go to www.foodpolice.it to find out more about us and sign up to see what we’re up to next! 

by Toni Debra

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